Tokyo Café

Do your children love sushi as much as mine? My daughter is especially crazy for sushi — she LOVES it… Including the seaweed salad! She really can’t get enough of it!
Good thing that at Tokyo Café you can eat as much sushi and teppanyaki as you like! Grown-ups pay a fixed price of around 20 euros and kids pay 10 (under 4s eat for free), and you can keep on ordering sushi (and other things) until you fall asleep in your chair, like our daughter did.
There are two shifts in the evening, the first one is from 17.30 onwards and the second one from 20.15. Especially during the first shift there are plenty of children around (and tolerated). High chairs are available — I would ask for one when you make the reservation (which is recommended)!
Tokyo Café is a good place to go after an afternoon of shopping or sight-seeing, as it’s located on the Spui (right in the main shopping area).

Tokio Café
Spui 15
1012 WX Amsterdam
Tel: 020 4897918


Open daily from 11:00 till 23:00


UtrechtsestraatHEMADe Bakkerswinkel

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1. Henriette | May 24, 2011 | Reply

Another great place a short way from Amsterdam. Lots of fun for kids.