January 21, 2009

hema collage

HEMA is one of those shops (or concepts really), that is almost impossible to describe. If you’ve ever set foot in a HEMA, you understand. In fact, you get the concept immediately, and you’re a fan instantly – no denial possible! And you just understand why we, Dutchmen, are all raving about it, and why this chain of shops is what we miss most when we move abroad…
So, what is HEMA?
HEMA is a Dutch chain of shops that only sells HEMA-brand products. No luxury products, but products that are meant for daily use and that are functional yet fun. The assortment is wide and prices are low (we like that in the Netherlands), designs are trendy and fresh, simple and colourful. The quality is good, and overall the products are seriously so much fun that you can’t help bringing home yet another cool tea-towel, notebook or cute cookie-cutter set for the kids!

The baby and kid’s products of HEMA are seriously adorable. Great onesies, lovely toys, fun towels, wonderful sheets and pajamas (with matching pajama for the doll), perfect party products (from garlands to cakes), great craft projects… I can go on and on, and I didn’t even start about the Jip and Janneke range yet!

hema toy

If you happen to travel to the Netherlands, MAKE SURE to step into a HEMA. You will like it, I am sure! Just ask a random person on the streets for the nearest HEMA and he/she will direct you…

P.S. This un-official online HEMA shop is as cool as everything else HEMA!


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February 19, 2009

Esther! You hit it right on the head : ofcourse HEMA!!!
We all love HEMA, it is as much part of Dutch culture as the cheese,tulips, little wooden ice-skates, “grandma” bikes, Nijntje, to name just a few things…
And not in the last place because HEMA is just always cool, I especially love them for the revival of JIP en JANNEKE..These are the sweetest characters together with PLUK VAN DE PETTEFLAT my ever favorites
They have body suits, mugs, dishes the whole thing. . Hope my little daughter Katia will enjoy them too!
Got her some really nice posters on-line 😉

July 30, 2009

This Hema shop sounds really cool. Their stuff look cute and colorful, too. If there were a Hema store here, for sure I’d run to the kids’ garments and children’s toys section. I can’t help getting nice things for my kids!

Sladjana Stojanovic
January 11, 2012

You are beautiful, lots of praise! Greetings from Serbia and we want to come with us, because your products are great but hard to find here!

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