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April 10, 2008

Imps visionair

Children are sometimes very naughty (Imp)… sometimes very sweet (Elf)… but mostly (unfortunately for us, poor parents) both at the same time: Imps & Elfs!
Imps & Elfs — one of the coolest kid’s clothing brands around, and it happens to be Dutch, like so many other cool things!
The philosophy behind the brand is ‘a child should be a child’. And this philosophy is present in every aspect of the clothing line.
I think what is so cool about Imps & Elfs is that their clothing is designed to be fitted, concentrating on the shape of the child’s body. That hollow back, that big belly with those tiny shoulders and that short neck… – isn’t that just what makes little children so adorable?
All clothes are no-nonsense, with no frills and fancies – nothing should take away from the emphasis on the child: hello, you’re looking at a KID – not an outfit!
If you’re in the neighbourhood, you just HAVE to stop by the flagship store here in Amsterdam. It is just as cool as the clothes (although they also sell shoes, toys and room accessories).


Imps & Elfs Flagship Head Office & Store
Sloterkade 41-44
1058 HE  Amsterdam
+31 (0)20 346 0180


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