Such fun at TunFun

March 9, 2008


In an old tunnel and pedestrian passageway, under a busy square in the center of Amsterdam, a kids paradise is created: TunFun. This indoor playground is the ideal place to bring your overactive kids on a cold or rainy day. There are playzones for different age groups, with trampolines, jump cushion, ball pools, slides, and much much more: plenty of opportunity for your kids to climb/kreep/crawl…
The venue looks odd but at the same time very cool – you actually do have the feeling you’re in a tunnel (a very spacious one, don’t worry); the tram can be seen passing by over your head! There’s a lot of scaffolding, graffiti and traffic lights going on, adding to the feeling of cool urbanity. Toddlers and pre-schoolers will love the challenges this place offers, but older kids (up to 12) will still love this place, because it’s so cool.

Plenty of benches and couches are provided for the parents to sit down have a cup of coffee and read one of the magazines or newspapers around.
Well, idealy.I think that the older the children are, the more relaxing your time at TunFun will be: even though they have a seperate soft play area for the little ones, my 11-month old still needed my help and support. Meanwhile, my 2 1/2 year old was so excited she dissapeared in the section 4 years and up – 4 floors of crawling, climbing and sliding, in which she had no problem mountaineering into, but more trouble coming back from! After looking for her for 5 minutes in this gigantic playground, I saw her crying about 6 meters over my head on the top floor. Dutyfull mother as I am, I ended up climbing and crawling through this oversized foam climbing rack, bending myself in all shapes to come to her rescue, only to find out that the whole panick proved to be slightly exagerated – and in fact just an excuse to get me up there!

Oh well, I guess I needed the work-out.

Changing room and kids toilets are available, nappies are for sale together with a variety of basic drinks and snacks (nothing fancy).

I hear going here in a weekend is not the best of an idea (I’m weary of finding out for myself), but on weekday mornings it’s nice and quiet.

xxx Esther


Mr. Visserplein 7
1011 RD Amsterdam
+31 (0)20 689 4300
Open daily from 10AM to 6PM (last admissions at 5PM)
Closed on April 30 / January 1



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